About Psyson

Psyson is the story of our life. We write philosophy fantasy books (to be released), research human behavior, and develop products

Who are we?


Writer. The most visionary person on our team. Doesn't tolerate compromises, so our ideas have come to life and fruition.

The expert on characters, common sense and artistic direction of our story. Manages the process and goal setting in book writing, which took us from recreational role-play to the full-scale project.


Writer, product manager, researcher. Makes educational products and the Psyson.

Was been an academic assistant and saw the inner workings of dozens of colleges in the United States and Australia. Consulted several PhD candidates and collaborated on 200,000 words worth of research; as much as in Moby Dick by Melville.

Writing taught him systematic thinking, behavior modeling, and effective knowledge management. This was very useful in product management, which is what Sithamet does for a living.

What do we do?


We share what we've learned while writing a book, conduct provocative research, and translate cool articles to Russian.


For instance, Zettelkasten's implementation for Notion or non-commercial translations of books, and more


We write a story about a multiverse world where the humanity will end up. Interested? Then subscribe to our newsletter.

What is Psyson?

Psyson (from “psychotronic prison”) is a paradox of human existence.

  • The structure of the brain drives us to make mistakes * All biases cannot be avoided.

  • The evolution of our species in society forces us to conform to our community and environment. It’s abused by others.

  • Even if we struggle with the biology of consciousness, the biology of the body will defeat us. Death is inevitable.

At the same time, the human being is able to understand the bars of the psychotronic prison, but is not able to break them. That’s why he avoids thinking about the psyson, because it’s terrifying. Our team is trying to change that.

The Psyson is also a location in our future book. But it’s a secret.

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Here we publish new articles in English. Sometimes they are unique, because we bother to translate only successful pieces, and write in English first.

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